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Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association

The Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association aims to to advance the knowledge of basic and clinical Thyroidology. It will pursue the enhancement to increase interest in the practice of medicine related to the thyroid and promotion of relevant research in Thyroidology.

European Thyroid Association

The European Thyroid Association's aims are to promote knowledge in the thyroid field (fundamental and clinical) and improve knowledge of the thyroid gland and its diseases.

American Thyroid Association

The mission of the American Thyroid Association is transforming thyroid care through clinical excellence, education, scientific discovery and advocacy in a collaborative community.

Latin American Thyroid Society

The main goal of the Latin American Thyroid Society is to promote knowledge and research of the thyroid gland and its diseases.

Philippine Thyroid Association

Members are physicians duly licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines and whose names have been entered into the roster of members of the PTA.

Bangladesh Thyroid Society

The organization of Thyroid specialists, Medicine specialists, Endocrinologists, General surgeons, Neck surgeons, Obstetricians, General physicians and scientists.

Indonesian Thyroid Society

The Indonesian Thyroid Society (Perkumpulan Tiroid Indonesia or InaTA) is a national organization in Indonesia with members consisting of thyroid consultants and doctors with other specialties interested in the field of thyroidology.

Endocrine Society of Thailand

Main purpose of the Association is to gather medical personnel interested in Endocrine and Hormones into groups and to exchange knowledge and consult on various problems on academic issues about Endocrine and Hormones among members.

Comitato delle Associazioni dei Pazienti Endocrini

The President of Committee of Endocrine Patients' Associations (CAPE): “It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person has.”